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NEC SL2100 Phone System

NEC SL2100 Phone System

As of 2017 is the latest phone system manufactured by NEC.

The NECSL2100 starts out at an initial configuration of 3 lines in X 8 digital phones, X 2 analog station ports

NEC Sl1200 Chassis

Available empty and with a CPU Card. Single chassis can be expanded up to 24 Phones C 12 Incoming Lines.

NEC SL1100 Phones

Choose from 5 different phone sets. 2 digital phones, a twelve button and a twenty four button desk phone, a 24 button IP desk phone, a IP cordless phone, and a digital dect 6.0 cordless phone.

NEC SL2100 IP Phones

We have two IP phones available for the SL2100

One is a 8 button desk phone

The other is a IP cordless phone

IP phones connect to the SL2100 phone system via a network connection

One way an IP phone might be cost effective is: if a phone is need at an off-site location, such as a home office or a second business location.

NEC SL2100 Expansion Cards

Starts our at 3 lines in X 8 digital phones X 2 analog station ports. The first SL2100 chassis can be expanded to 12 lines in X 24 phones. the maximum of 36 lines in X 72 digital phones.

A maximum of 64 IP SIP Trunks X 112 IP and SIP Terminals.

NEC SL2100 Cordless Phones

NEC SL2100 Cordless Phone

You have a choice of two cordless phones

A Digital Dect Cordless Phone that simply connects to an existing digital station port.

An IP Dect Cordless Phone for IP enables NEC Phone systems.

NEC SL1200 Headsets

Does not require an external amplifier the SL2100 is compatible with direct connect headsets.

For the price, consider the wireless headset as you can roam up 300 feet from the base and you are not tethered to a wire.

We have two wired headsets available. Consider the UC pro for applications with more surrounding noise.

NEC SL2100 Pricing

You can choose from two different starter packages

The first one is the starter package with four twelve button phones. This is a great package for small business that does not have plans for future growth.

The second is the starter package with four twenty four button phones. If your are planning a larger system or a system with a lot of future growth, start here.

Additional phones and expansion cards can be added for affordable growth.

NEC SL2100 Voice Mail

A 4 port X 2 hour voice mail Inmail system is included on the CPU. If more storage is needed an expansion and a VRS system can be added to an existing NEC SL2100 Phone System.

Music on Hold

No need for an external Music on Hold Player.

The NEC SL2100 includes flash drive space to upload or record Music on Hold advertisements or greetings internally. No need for an external Music on Hold Player.

Mobile Phones

Can be used as extensions connected to the NEC SL2100 or calls can easily be transferred to a mobile phone for the associate that is on the move out and about.

Featured Products - NEC SL2100 Phone System

V200 Wireless Headset
V200 Wireless Headset
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V200 Wireless Headset
V200 Wireless Headset
$194.00  $149.00
Save: 23% off

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