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NEC DS1000 & DS2000 Phone System Phones and Voice Mail

Click Here for a List of Available Hardware for the DS1000/2000 Phone System

NEC DS1000/2000 Phone Systems

NEC DS1000

NEC DS1000
16 Extensions
Music on Hold
2 Year Warranty
Caller ID
Night Service
Voice Mail Capability
4 Analog Ports
Headset Compatible
Choice of Phones
Modem Cut Through

NEC DS2000

NEC DS2000
32 Extensions
Music on Hold
2 Year Warranty
Caller ID
Night Service
Voice Mail Capability
Headset Compatible
Choice of Phones


EZ System Sales Help Desk.  All NEC Phone Systems with a minimum purchase of $749 through EZ System Sales come with unlimited web based help desk support.

Take control of your NEC Phone System.
We have taken the programming manuals and rewritten the most popular programming functions with pictures that the end user is familiar with and published them on the world wide web.  This means no more costly technician service calls to make simple phone system changes.  All you need is adequate Windows based computer skills.

Request a Quote.  Lets get started now by requesting a quote on NEC Phone System hardware and installation.

The NEC DS1000/2000 is available in 3 different hardware configurations.  The DS1000, the DS2000 4 slot and the DS2000 8 slot.

Here are the details:
The NEC DS 1000 3 X 8 X 4The NEC DS 1000 3 X 8 X 4

The initial configuration starts at 3 incoming lines X 8 digital station ports X 4 analog station ports with the capability to expand to 6 incoming line X 16 digital station ports X 8 analog station ports  The DS1000 is a great phone system for small businesses that don't need voice mail but need answering machine capability.  System Bundles and starter kits priced as low as $749 with free shipping.  Starter kits and system bundles available with hospitality phones.  Hospitality phones available.  more info

The NEC DS2000 4 Slot Control UnitThe NEC DS2000 4 Slot Control Unit

System hardware bundles start with 4 incoming lines X 4 digital stations, to  8 incoming lines X 8 digital stations. All NEC DS2000 system bundles support a 16 port digital station card.  This means that your new NEC DS2000 phone system has the capability to grow to 16 digital stations with the addition of a cable and a telephone.  Hospitality phones available.


The NEC 2000 8 Slot Control UnitThe NEC 2000 8 Slot Control Unit

With a maximum growth of 108 ports your new NEC DS2000 8 slot system can grow to either 24 lines in X 80 digital stations, 32 lines in X 64 digital stations, or 8 lines in X 96 digital stations.  Hospitality phones available.


NEC DS1000 & DS2000 System Phones NEC DS1000 & DS2000 Phones

available in non display to super display telephones from 22-button to 34-button attendant telephones with direct station selection and busy lamp field.


NEC Elite IPK and Electra EliteNEC Elite IPK and Electra Elite

Replacement Phones and Hardware.  DTU-8, 16, 32 Display and Non Display Telephones, Station Cards and CO Cards available.


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Starter Kits and System Bundles any business can afford.  Starting at $749 with 3 telephones to kits with 16 telephones.

Do It Your-Self Installers.  NEC Phone Systems feature plug-and-play installation.  You can eliminate all of the pressure and anxiety of performing your first phone system installation.  When the NEC Phone system is wired and installed correctly, your new NEC phone system will start and work like plug-and-play.  EZ System Sales offers lifetime support on the equipment we sell.  Through our Help Desk which is full of how-to programming, wiring diagrams, and technical support, all of your questions will be answered.  At the time of purchase you receive your username and password and your system is supported by a factory trained technician.

NEC Phone System Features:
Automated Attendant Calls go straight to the automated attendant, or ring all telephones, or ring the operator telephone 4 to 5 rings before going to the automated attendant.  The automated attendant then routes the call to the party or department the caller selects. 
Voice Mail Card Required.

Voice Mail   Did you know that 85% of all phone calls placed in business interrupt work that is more important than the content of the call?  Associates can have voice mail answer their phone calls when they are away from the phone or just to busy to answer incoming calls.  Voice Mail Card Required.

Ring Groups  Work Station telephones can be part of a ring group such as the accounting department.  When a call is transferred to the accounting department that is a part of a ring group, anyone in the group can answer the call.  A voice mailbox can be associated with the particular ring group so if an accounting associate is unavailable to answer the call the caller will be directed into a voice mailbox.



NEC Phone System Warranty
NEC America warrants that the DS1000/2000 and NVM-Series products will be free from defects caused by faulty material for a period of (24) months from the date of purchase  click here for complete details

Door Phones, door opener relay, and door strikers can be installed on the NEC phone system.  Clients or patrons arrive, ring the door phone to let associates know they have arrived, associate can then let the client or patron in through the telephone keypad.

Voice Over IP features include toll bypass for long distance faxing and voice calls, and support H.323 or SIP Voice Over IP protocols.  The gateway connects up to 60 ports, through any PBX CO/Trunk Incoming line port or analog telephone.  EZ administration configure can be accomplished via web browser.

Connect multiple locations with the DS1000/2000 using Voice Over IP and make your callers and clients across the country seem like all of you cross country locations are under one roof.  Place all of your toll calls to connected locations Toll Free.

Music on Hold.  Most music devices are compatible with the DS1000/2000.  Music on hold with the OHP4000 features can promote your products and services while your customers and clients are on hold.  The music on hold system is wall mountable, has great sound quality, you can record and play your own custom greetings.

Call Accounting.  Connects to a PC.  Collects data on incoming calls such as Caller ID, the extension receiving the call, and the duration of the call.  Collects data on outgoing calls such the extension originating the call, the number dialed, the cost of the call, the duration of the call, and the account code used to originate the call (advanced software required on account codes).



Phone System Programming
Isn't it time you take control of your phone system?  Find out how easy phone system programming can be and never have to rely on costly technician service calls ever again with our web based support desk available 24/7, Holidays and Weekends.

NEC DS1000 and DS2000 Phone System Installation.  Local installation affiliates available nationwide for full service installation and support.  Competent, professional installers will arrive at your location, at the time you stipulate, complete the installation with a minimal down time, and leave your premises clean and neat.

EZ Installation and Technical Support Help Desk.  Do it yourself installation, system installation is supported.  initial installation is available via email with next day response or through the telephone with by appointment only

EZ System Sales is one of the nation's largest Telecommunication Phone System, Point of Sale and Security Camera Systems distributor.  Featuring the NEC DS1000 and DS2000 Phone System, EZ System Sales provides nationwide sales, installation and lifetime support.

NEC Elite IPK and Electra Elite
Replacement Phones and Hardware.
DTU-8, 16, 32 Display and Non Display Telephones, Station Cards and CO Cards available.

Elite Phones

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Finally an affordable name brand--NEC DS1000/2000 phone system that grows to 32 X 64 as your company grows with 108 available ports.

Specializing in small to mid size business NEC phone systems, we provide business voice mail systems & phone systems solutions that any business can afford.

Take advantage of the NEC phone systems DS1000 & DS2000 series.  All system hardware in stock and ready for immediate shipping and installation.

Through dedication and customer satisfaction, we are working for you.  We will consistently provide phone  system hardware, phone system services and business practices that meet and exceed our customer's greatest  expectations.

We are working with our voice mail systems & phone system suppliers to provide you with the best business phones, phone systems equipment and labor rates possible.

We appreciate the chance to bid on your networking and computer needs.  We look forward to serving you in the near future.

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NEC America

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NEC DS1000 & DS2000 Phone System Phones and Voice Mail